Thursday, October 4, 2007

Election- Campaign Bombardment

MmMmMmM.... I think the governments money should be much better spend on things the country is in desperate need of such as improvements to health and education facilities...
An estimated $20-100 million in IR campaign funding is ludicrous, nothing but a publicity stunt prior to the up coming election....

The election isn't simply about who can fork out the most money to hog our television screens in the lead up to voting, but about who will ensure our country is best looked after... and I think its about time we had some fresh blood and new ideas!

Committee Hearing....

Official Committee Hansard
Reference: Development of the non-fossil fuel industry in Australia: case study into
selected renewable energy sectors

From what I can gather.. and I am clutching at straws here, but the open to public Committee Hearings seem to be significantly more subdued than Question Time in the Senate. They seem simply to put forward a 'case study' or are referred to the committee and propose means and outline what changes have been made by which to over come the issue(s).

"The case study was referred to the committee by the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, the Hon. Ian Macfarlane, on 8 May 2007. The committee shall undertake a comprehensive study of the following renewable energy sectors: solar, wave and tidal, geothermal, wind, bio-energy and hydrogen. The case study will examine the relative state
of development of these sectors in Australia and their prospects for economically viable
electricity generation, storage and transmission." (Hansard 20 June 2007 , p. 7)

In this hearing other committee members can question elements of their study and gather further information and knowledge in a more professional means, for example-

Mr HATTON—Enhanced geothermal systems—it looks like a new steam age. There is a
fundamental use of fractured rock. What problems are related to that in terms of geological
stability? For instance, with a place like Yellowstone, which is a giant caldera, it can go up.

The issue/ concept outline in the case study is one of great importance to the community and outlines changes that can be made by means of renewable energy sources. Topics/ themes outlined and addressed in this hearing included
- the potential of geothermal energy
- the environmentally-friendly manner in which the proposed energy will be produced.
- How geothermal energy is the lowest cost emission-free renewable baseload energy
- The proposed monetary cost associated with geothermal energy.

Overall I found this hearing much more informative and interesting that being subjected to the sly and petty remarks or Question Time. I feel valuable issues and answers are presented in the hearing and am surprised Question Time in the Senate is not more professionally structured.
I think they could learn a lot from taking a page from the committee's book!

Give em the BIRD!

MMMMMMM Just backing up the immature behaviour of Australia's Government... I think the Prime Minister should know better?!?!?

Check out these commentaries to the image! some are very funny...

Is it a bird. Is it a plane. NO ITS TO THE MAN OF STEEL.
Posted by: bernie from the bark 12:54am September 19, 2007 Comment 38 of 38

You know where you can stick your tax cuts!
Posted by: Murray of Thornbury 12:14am September 19, 2007 Comment 37 of 38

Ha.... Labor calls me a chicken.... I'll give them a bird.
Posted by: Jeff of Melbourne 11:16pm September 18, 2007 Comment 34 of 38

The bird-man of Liberal-az.
Posted by: Geoff Allemand of Shepparton 11:09pm September 18, 2007 Comment 32 of 38

It's a birds eye view when the polls are doing fine.
Posted by: Steve Preston of Overseas 7:36pm September 18, 2007 Comment 28 of 38

A bird from the hand is worth a few votes from the backbench.
Posted by: Michael Sanderson of Caulfield 7:27pm September 18, 2007 Comment 26 of 38

Peter Costello shows his support for John Howard with a "one-fingered victory salute".
Posted by: Shannon Green of Australia 7:23pm September 18, 2007 Comment 25 of 38

WHAT!!! Johnny aren't I going to get the Number 1 postion??????????
Posted by: Carolyn of mooroolbark 7:21pm September 18, 2007 Comment 24 of 38

Question Time!?!


Here goes.. After trying to source out Question Time from the NSW Govt website through Hansard, and unsure exactly where the section lay as it could not be found on pg 60 as outlined in the contents page but some 12 pages later!? I can't believe this section was so hard to identify and took the skimming of meany pages to uncover, even when using the contents page..

Must say I am really not that keen on the whole Political Side of PR- definitely not my choice of employment within the Public Relations sector! I will however endeavour to do my best!

Quite obviously Question time is just as it implies... a time for questions to be taken to the floor for discussion. I don't however feel that much of what is discussed by the individuals, those chosen to guide our country and whom are awarded the privilege of making decisions that intimately affect our well being behave in a level of professionalism that should be expected!

I think much of the behaviour witnessed in Question Time is that which you would expect to hear or see at a rowdy football game between opposing supporters, not within parliamentary walls. The use of derogatory remarks is astonishing, these members of the senate are highly educated and respected members of the public, not that this is evident through their childish remarks and irrelevant personal comments. I don't feel that refering to members of the opposing bench as "idots" characters such as "Rip Van Winkle" displays model behaviour for individuals so highly regarded.

I however found some comments amusing..
Senator Carr—You’ve got no idea, have you?
You’ve got no idea!
Senator ABETZ—The poor honourable senator, interjecting
as he does, is a senator who allegedly represents
the state of Victoria. The state Labor government
of Victoria has entered into a partnership with the federal
coalition government to develop a solar city in his

Senator COONAN—Finally, it is wonderful that
Rip Van Winkle, Senator Faulkner, has finally woken

Senator ABETZ—I do not know where Senator
Brown has been hiding in recent times,

ABETZ—The arrogant Leader of the Opposition
in the Senate continues his interjections. As
soon as one of his senators gets into trouble we get this
arrogant barrage. What I would say to the senator, who
is actually listening to my answer, unlike you, Senator

Senator Sherry—Look! Eric has sent two of them
to sleep!

The PRESIDENT—Order! Senators on my left, I
cannot hear Senator Fielding’s question. We will not
proceed until the Senate comes to order.
Senator Sherry—Until it wakes up!
The PRESIDENT—Senator Sherry! I will not ask
you again

Many of the issues that arrose are of high priority to the citizens of Australia how ever amongst their banter including, child protection, climate change, renewable energy and workplace relations. I don't feel that the real issues are as thoroughly addressed as they should be, in many occasions instead of resolving issues they create additional ones or sly away from properly answering the question posed!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Novice Territory

First post in the blog-sphere, not much to comment at this time.
Public Affairs appears interesting but confusing at the same time, hopefully it will all make more sense over the coming weeks..

Well I'm off,

Kirsten :)